TXP Holdings ERCOT Peakers


TXP Holdings LLC an unit of Genova and WAI International is developing peaking power plants in  far West Texas and near HoustonTexas.  The plants are designed to be quick start and quick to market and are located where generation is needed and valued.

7FA peaker picturetx map

Opportunity Highlights

Location:  ERCOT West Zone, Houston Zone and South Zone

Ownership:  TXP Holdings, LLC

Assets:  Four 147 MW plants with GE 7FA configuration   with EPC by experienced contractors;   site control and water supply

Permitting/IA Studies:  Permits Complete / SGIA by 2Q2015

Fuel:  Sites have good access to natural gas   transportation and are situated in supply rich   production areas..

Construction Cycle:  Ten months FNTP to COD

Term Power Contracts:  5  to 7 year hedges available